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School Contracts

Now Securing Contracts for ESY

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Why contract with Play Awhile? 

We're Local

Our clinicians, clients, and leadership are all stakeholders in the communities we serve. We care about creating accessible and inclusive communities, and love making a local impact.


Play Awhile leadership and all of our current clinicians have recent experience working in schools. We know IEP rules, service documentation, and other compliance regulations.


Every Play Awhile therapist placed in a school contract also works in our clinic. We can guarantee quality services for your students just as we ensure quality care in our clinic. They are top notch clinicians.


Each school contract is supported directly by Play Awhile leadership. When it comes to complex communication needs, AAC management, intense IEP cases, and even subbing, districts can rest easily knowing that Play Awhile has it covered. We are therapist owned, and our clinicians are well supported!

Please reach out to discuss details!



$125 per hour

Includes direct therapy, documentation, MET/IEPT paperwork and meetings, and overall case management. Workload maximums apply.

The Play Awhile Approach, Introductory: $500

The Play Awhile Approach Intermediate: $1,000

The Play Awhile Approach Advanced: $2,000

Group Size maximums apply

$250 per case

Includes comprehension evaluation of speech/language/communication, written report, MET/IEPT paperwork and meeting up to 1 hour in duration.

If you are looking to secure SLP coverage for multiple, long-term positions, please reach out to discuss details. We would love to enter into a relationship that serves all parties!

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